Project NumberHWS-E-0008
Funding Start Date2023-12-01
Funding End Date2024-01-30
Award Amount$12,200.00

Project Description

To enhance public awareness of the importance and career opportunities in water-related fields, we are going to offer the Water Research Workshop to local high school students in Central New York. Specifically, the PIs will provide (i) a series of lectures about the importance of water quality, current environmental challenges with water contamination and scarcity issues, and state-of-the-art in water-related research, (ii) hands-on-type laboratory experience, (iii) field trip to the local facilities (e.g., Upstate Freshwater Institute, Metropolitan Syracuse Wastewater Treatment Pant), and (iv) potential extension of research experience in the summer internship in the PIs’ laboratories. This program will not only provide lectures and hands-on type experiments but also include field tours and career counseling with faculty members and graduate/undergraduate students. The team will arrange tours to local water facilities such as Upstate Freshwater Institute and Metropolitan Syracuse Wastewater Treatment Plant for the participants, so the students can have diverse experiences in the field.

To improve the publicity of the outreach program, the PIs created a public website for the annual water research workshop ( The team is currently working on the online application form, the new program outline for the 2024 workshop, and the recruitment of undergraduate/graduate students for the upcoming event. The team will reach out to local high schools at CNY in February. The workshop is tentatively planned for Friday – Sunday, May 3 – May 5, 2024.  

Principal Investigators

Ian T. McCrum, Clarkson University
Gyu Leem, SUNY ESF
Leanne Powers, SUNY ESF
Chang Geun Yoo, SUNY ESF

External Partners

Onondaga County Water Authority; City of Syracuse Department of Water

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